‘Marina Shock’ must be a thing, isn’t it?

I think I’ve just had my first dose!

Goshawk is currently on a pontoon in a marina. This will be unusual for her – usually she will be kept on a swinging mooring (hopefully…).

In preparation for the completion of the sale I asked the marina for a quote to keep her on the pontoon until October, haul her out, lay her up ashore until April, then launch her.

This little lot came out at over £1000! Somewhat more than I was anticipating.

Of course, the cost to keep her on a visitors’ pontoon is outrageous. I will have to review if I keep her in the water, or haul her out straight away. The chances are that we won’t have much, if any opportunity, to visit her whilst she is in the water, so it might simply be a waste of money. Probably cheaper to haul her out straight away.

At the moment, when we haven’t been able to use the boat, and are unlikely to have any opportunity to do so before April at the earliest, I am definitely being exposed to the negative sides of yacht ownership before I experience the positives.

Hopefully Goshawk will be used lots and lots next year, and these rapidly escalating costs will seem like very good value!

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