Faith ⛪️

I am a committed Christian, and believe that I have been called into a teaching ministry. Over the years I have written thousands of words of content which has been published online. I have also written a book – an extended reflection on Psalm 23. I have written and presented Premier Christian Radio’s Thought for the Day on many occasions. I previously wrote a daily Biblically-focused email called “Bible Notes.” Time prevents me from producing this at the moment. All of the emails are archived here on Sim.onL, however; you can access them all following the link below. They’re also all in the Index of Bible passages.

I receive regular invitations to preach in Churches, and am always keen to accept such requests. New sermons will be published here, and in due course I will move over sermons currently hosted elsewhere.

My Bible Reflections blog is an archive of much of the Biblically-focused content that I have written over the years. It’s not all here at the moment, but I’m moving more content across every week.

In this channel: