After what, it has to be said, hasn’t been the best few months, the day is looming when we can get Goshawk back in the water! To celebrate, I’ve dusted down Goshawk’s website with a shiny new look. 

This will, of course, be the first time that we have had Goshawk in the water as her new owners. We’re excited-but also a little bit nervous!

The plan at present is to have her engine de-winterised, her bottom anti-fouled, and then dropped in on April 12th. We will spend the afternoon aboard and acquaint ourselves with Goshawk’s kit and controls. 

April 13th is all set to be The Big Day. We plan to arrive at Titchmarsh Marina first thing in the morning, prepare Goshawk for departure, and then leave Titchmarsh around 1pm to sail to her summer mooring at Wrabness on the River Stour. 

Speaking of Wrabness, I feel very fortunate to have secured a mooring in a prime location in the Stour. It was a slightly convoluted affair! A friend happened to be selling his boat, and whilst the buyer is Wrabness based, he ideally wanted a mooring further to the east. Meanwhile, my uncle was selling a mooring slightly further to the east which he offered to me. Some negotiations later and I had managed to acquire my friend’s mooring from the person who bought his boat. Confused? I am. I told you it was a convoluted affair!

The boat which previously occupied my mooring was slightly smaller than Goshawk so I have contacted the Wrabness ‘harbour master’ to ask him to move the mooring a little, and to check that the tackle is fit for purpose. 

Meanwhile, I’m frantically working my way through the RYA Short Range Radio course material in the hope that I’ll be able to book myself in for a radio exam before the 12th April. I’m not sure, under current circumstances, if that’s a realistic possibility, but that’s my hope. 

It’s fair to say that I’m rather excited-but at the same time, a little nervous…

Roll on April 12th!

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