It’s been some time since I last updated Goshawk’s blog. Suffice it to say that we had a wonderful season in 2022, with the highlight being a family trip to Suffolk Yacht Harbour.

Overnight at Suffolk Yacht Harbour

Ordinarily, Goshawk of Møn, my Westerly Centaur, would have been launched at Easter, but this year we’re a little behind because of some routine maintenance we’re having carried out. It is my understanding that a boat’s standing rigging (the wires that hold the mast up) should be replaced every ten years. We have no record of Goshawk’s ever being replaced, and given that she’s 50 this year we thought it was probably time we addressed that! Jim Berry at Titchmarsh Marina is currently doing the work for us.

As always, it’s not been as easy as it should have been. In order to drop the mast the wiring to the anemometer and the lights at the top of the mast needed to be disconnected. These were drawn into a junction box in the heads, which proved impossible to open. The only way to disconnect the wiring, therefore, was to smash the junction box, and worry about replacement later on. The mast is now down, however, and progress is being made on the replacement of the rigging.

The rather ancient forestay is also being replaced, along with the headsail reefing gear. I was given a couple of options here – a very expensive offshore system and a day sailing alternative, at a more reasonable price. Since we only tend to sail in the Stour and Orwell estuaries, I went with the cheaper option!

Whilst the rigging is being replaced I’m also having the jib mended. As we tacked towards the end of last season, the jib caught on the spreaders at the top of the rigging and ripped. Looking at the sail it would appear that this has happened previously, as there is evidence of a patch. Hopefully this can be made good so that the sail can be returned to the boat in conjunction with the new reefing gear.

I’ve also booked in a gas safety check (which I forgot to do last year…), and an engine recommission, with replacement of the anode. I need to book in antifouling too, but I’ve just had a bill from the marina and thought I should perhaps pay this before asking them to undertake any additional work!

I’m hoping that we can launch in the forthcoming half term break, ready for an action packed season ahead. Watch this space!

As ever, if you are a fellow Westerly Centaur owner and have any questions about this work, please feel free to leave a comment below or to send me a message.

Sailing on the Stour, summer 2022

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